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Julia Samersova Adler / Cast Inc.

With over 16 years in the fashion industry, Julia Samersova Adler has become one of the top casting directors in the business today.

What started as an internship at the age of 17 at a modeling agency in NYC's Soho, became a lifelong obsession with all things fashion and models – Julia went on to become a model agent and model scout for over 10 years, traveling all around the world searching for new talent and building relationships.

As an agent at some of the world's top agencies (FORD, ELITE, NEXT, COMPANY MANAGEMENT) Julia has extraordinary knowledge of the modeling world and all the insider information one would expect from an industry veteran.

In 2005, Julia took all her years of experience in the modeling world, and an exceptional eye towards beauty, both conventional and not, and opened Cast Inc, a full-service casting agency.

With impecable relationships with agents all over the globe, Julia has established herself as the go-to casting director for fashion shows, editorial, catalog, advertising, campaigns, and videos.


Julia Samersova Adler
914 274 1089 mobile
347 689 4090 office

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